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As W-2 professionals once ourselves, we know how much work investing and managing a real estate property on our own could be. Mold issues? Unruly tenants? Pest problems? We’ve experienced it all. Yes, we own the real estate, but we also own the problems.

Through our first hand experiences, we’ve realized that for busy professionals like ourselves, an efficient way to invest in real estate is through real estate syndications.

With our background and knowledge in real estate investing, coupled with over 35 years of corporate risk management experience, we bring the best of both worlds to help busy professionals invest in syndications with a greater peace of mind.

Where We Invest


Our investment focus continues to remain in the Sun Belt states for it’s great price point, coupled with strong economic and demographics trends such as stable population, income, and job growth.

While no deal is exactly the same, we review each deal through the same critical lens, rigorous underwriting, and thorough due diligence process. Follow our next investment journey by signing up today, so you can start generating passive cash flow.



Hey Busy Professionals,

Owning real estate is one of the best vehicles to build wealth, BUT trying to build your real estate portfolio while working a full-time job can be a struggle.

As a busy professional you just don’t have the time to


Forest Creek

Atlanta, GA
136 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 1.26x
Hold Period: 24 months

Aspen Heights

Fort Smith, AK
134 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 1.98x
Hold Period: 18 months

Pin Oaks Acres

Kansas City, KS
152 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 3.24x
Hold Period: 28 months

Braxton at Brier Creek

Raleigh, NC
270 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 1.885x
Hold Period: 25 months

Mission Villas

Lubbock, TX
58 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 1.205x
Hold Period: 30 months

Riverstone Park

Lubbock, TX
115 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 1.205x
Hold Period: 30 months

Magnolia Terrace

Montgomery, AL
176 Units

Investor Equity Multiple: 1.76x
Hold Period: 32 months




Multifamily Units
0 +
Total Portfolio Value
$ 0 M+
Years of Risk Management Experience
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Hey Busy Professionals,

Stressing over tenants while working a 9-5 job is no fun.

Life is too short to be stressed out. Don’t be held back.

Work smarter, not harder.

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